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Valhalla Academy Location: Frankfort, KY - 40601
Contact Phone: (859) 333-8294
Details: Valhalla Academy is Kentucky’s premier jiu-jitsu, self-defense, and defensive tactics school. We have a proud heritage as part of the Carlson Gracie Team and maintain several directly affiliated schools in Kentucky. Valhalla teaches a structured program of jiu-jitsu that emphasizes its martial, or fighting, aspects. We teach and train students to compete but refuse to water down the traditional art just because some competitive organizations changes its rules. Tournaments and rule sets may come and go but warriorship is eternal. We believe in deep roots and strong foundations. We prefer fundamentals over fads. We despise the weakness in ourselves and push ourselves to overcome it. We seek men and women, young and old, who want to improve themselves and help our team get stronger. We want those who seek a challenge and want to hold themselves accountable to high standards – of physical ability, martial arts skill, honorable character, and team loyalty. Valhalla Academy is exclusive in its membership for a reason. It is true that our Academy is not a good fit for everyone. What we do is not for everyone, and that is what makes us special. We prefer quality over numbers.