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Gracie Barra Jefferson City Location: Jefferson City, MO - 65109
Contact Phone: (573) 636-4252
Details: Gracie Barra Jefferson City is Jefferson City’s newest Brazilian jiu-jitsu school. It joins a legacy of over 700 Gracie Barra Brazilian jiu-jitsu schools worldwide. We are so excited to bring this amazing martial art to Jefferson City, MO, and the surrounding area. Gracie Barra Jefferson City provides Brazilian jiu-jitsu instruction in a structured environment, following the Gracie Barra Code of Conduct and Gracie Barra Etiquette. Our school provides Brazilian jiu-jitsu programs, which are fit for students of all different knowledge levels. We offer both private and group classes that focus on character growth and self improvement, and we believe that the techniques and values learned in our programs can better your life, on and off the mats. Learn more about our programs here.
Herron Bjj Location: Jefferson City, MO - 65109
Contact Phone: (573) 821-0749
Details: At HerronBJJ we primarily teach Gracie Humaita Brazilian jiu-jitsu and self-defense. The instructors here all train under Shawn Woods at Gracie Humaita Columbia Missouri. We strive to provide a family-friendly environment where we can "teach good people great jiu-jitsu"-J.W. Wright. We know personally how much BJJ can affect your life in a positive manner. We all start out as a white belt, but we all have a different goal which means everyone's journey is different. Some of you may do it just as a hobby or to stay in shape while others may be more inclined to transform it into a healthy lifestyle, and some people may be in it to compete and prove themselves. We want to help you all on your journey, no matter what it may be. At HerronBJJ we want to help you become better; stronger, more confident, fit, and more coordinated than when you began. You will never be compared to others, but rather to yourself and how you’ve progressed since your journey began. Gracie Humaita has a huge community of people who are friendly and continually supportive of one another. We all want to see each other succeed and help any way we can. We’re almost like a huge family in a way.