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Lisbon Jiu Jitsu Location: Lisbon, NH - 03585
Contact Phone: (603) 991-3177
Details: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) instills discipline self respect and humility. BJJ practitioners find that this martial art helps them cope with and overcome emotional and mental health obstacles while improving one’s physical condition in ways that other activities cannot. it is an incredibly effective way to lose extra pounds. One of the first things people notice when participating in this sport/self defense is an almost immediate change in sleep patterns. BJJ practitioners report falling asleep faster deeper and needing less sleep. that is because bjj is not only physically demanding but it is mentally demanding. it is routinely referred to as a mental chessmatch. The success of brazilian jiu-jitsu is well known and it is a proven fighting system which has been incorporated into the united states army’s basic training regiment. Jiu-jitsu is for the young and old and you do not have to be a soldier to enjoy the physical and spiritual benefits of brazilian jiu-jitsu. All one needs is a desire to learn. Take the first step to a healthier lifestyle with us here at Lisbon Jiu-Jitsu.